Ningas Kugun.

Ningas Kugun, It’s a Visayan term which in my understanding means like, “now you work, now you won’t” or let’s put it at “now you write. now you won’t.” Uh-huh! Exactly me. I’ve been meaning to write a new entry in this blog (which is like my nth blog from blogger back then), but I fail to maintain or should I say keep them up to date, as what I’ve promised, at least to my self.

So it’s 2014 already,but see? this is my FIRST entry for the year. Normal people (pardon me for the term) would start posting something at the beginning of the year. But me? Na-ahhh!! It’s June, but it’s okay tho, since its my birthday month! Yeppeee!! (Sad thing is, I’m now a notch older.) 

June always makes me think of something special, not just for me but for my family as well, and certainly not just because it’s my birth-month. Ask me why? my answer is a big I DON’T KNOW. I just feel like it. Is there need to be a reason? Well, I think not.

My computer clock says it’s 2:38 am already, that might as well explain why I’m sounding a bit lunatic here. 😦 So gotta turn off this one and gonna hit the sack!



Merry Christmas!

Uhmm I think I’m a bit late, but still, its the season to be jolly so better late than never folks! I hope I could really have a Hello Kitty Christmas tree like this one!! Enjoy the holidays and let peace, joy and love reign upon us! So, Mele Kalikimaka!!


So yeah, I was away for quite some time, and I was not able to write.

But, just recently, the Philippines was struck with 7.2 Magnitude earthquake and crippled the Central Visayas particularly Bohol and Cebu. The quake, which is considered as one of the most powerful to hit the country left multi-million damages and claimed hundreds of lives. It already affected millions of residences who were left depending on the government aid sent by both national and provincial administrations. Let alone the recent typhoons ( Santi and Labuyo) that pummeled the country and the Zamboanga standoff that displaced thousands of people. Not to mention, Super Tpyhoon Yolanda.

It’s hard to imagine that things are now in shambles. But (I think it’s unselfish to share) that I find peace amid the chaos, the disasters and all. 

No feelings of worries, and fears, of resentments and of discontentment. Peace rests in my brain’s cozy cove, And I think that, that alone, the feeling of nothing to fear anything, is enough to thank the Almighty Father.  And I think that the feeling that you are safe, and sure of security is one of the prime commodities of the earth today. 

Still, I don’t close my eyes to the things that are happening around me and continue to pray that everything will be alright.


Talk about Street Foods.

Sometime last year, me and my friends enjoyed savoring the street foods here in Davao City.
We had kwek-kwek, its a hard-boiled egg coated with flour and deep fried. Its topped with seaweed and cucumber. Well that’s not the one I’m holding, its fish ball. 😀

First Up!

Since this is my first entry and my first try on wordpress, I thought of making my post as catchy.

But nonetheless I remembered my blog title: Random thoughts of a random writer. So I’ll just write anything that goes.

So what’s up with me? As of this posting, I don’t really have anything in mind in particular (i think I just repeated it), but I want to tell you, yes YOU! or whoever reads this post, that I’m thankful of the turn of events in the past few months or maybe the past few years. As all of you doesn’t know, I was some kind of pretty confused on things. On thing I want to achieve, I want to become, I want to have and all that stuff. But in the end, I was able to pause for a while to really think hard of where my life is heading to, where am I going? Where do my feet wanted me to go.

And so I think hard. Weigh on things in the balance of eternity! (yeah I’m pretty serious with this one). Yes I can achieve anything I want because all of those are simple, I can have anything I want, I can go to anywhere, any places. I’m young, and I can be anything I want to be.

But as I went through my deep thinking, I was jolted with a question of reality: WHERE WOULD YOU GO WHEN YOU DIE?

Yeah, that’s it. Where would I go then if I die? What is life to offer me when I grow old, when my energy fails me enoguh to do the tasks I’m used to do? And then it finally hit me. 

I need to bank on Spiritual things first, I need to work on the things that matter in life, and pretty sure in the life after. Whether you would go to heaven or hell. And in order for me to work on that, I have decided to live everything behind. I decided to leave my ambition, my dreams and I decided to offer my life to the Almighty Father and to be of full service to Him 24/7.

So I’m now in the place I wanted to be. Living my life the Father wanted me to be and glorifying His name through His Son! 


Some kind of a serious starter post uh! Thanks for reading btw (whoever you are)!